Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Charcoal, quick hand studies.  I have pages and pages of these, but I don't want spam them, so here's a couple, there on A3 but the scanner is A4 so I can't get the whole page in.

A couple of pages from my A4 watercolour sketchpad.  After feeling so drained and burnt out after finishing my degree in animation, I disliked the prospect of working too large, and digitally, and after coming out of hospital (stomach problems) I needed to find a spark again to want to draw again, so I decided to start working very small, and seeing as watercolour isn't really that messy, it seemed like the right choice.  So from time to time, I sit in my back garden, in my house, or sometimes out n about looking at colour.  There not amazing or anything I know, but practice is practice, I'm pretty new to watercolour but I enjoy doing them, some worked out OK, others are a bit of a mess, but its better not be too tentative I guess, these are really just to keep me in tune with colour, to see which pockets of colours work together.  I was a weary about showing these, but I think it will make me want to show progression.  I would maybe spend around 2 - 5 minutes on these.