Thursday, 7 April 2011

My art book

My art book, and a few pages inside, it shows process as well as the final image, I really like the printing quality, the guys at the printers did a good job.

 Nobody But Me- digital painting, not much to say about it, just something I imagined.
These are the sort of final designs for my concept "The Hag" based off the painting below, there is more to come of this idea, but the idea is that she kidnaps small children or even adults, and takes them away to her home,  I am working on house designs at the moment, I have one idea that I like, out of like 20 - 30 small doodles that I brainstormed the other day.  Will post it soon enough.

Take You Away - I had a nightmare of this oldman, grinning and twiddling his fingers like I was a child, I couldn't move either, until he got very very close, showing his green rotten teeth.  I guess I was at a crossroads here with this painting, man or woman? sorted of ended up looking like both, which adds to creepy look, a transsexual hag? I went with the a woman in my final designs, because I was worried about being controversial. Digital Painting
Sacred - This was an experimental peice based off a temple in a Himalayan forest, I basically just wants to experiment with composition and make it taller, more epic looking, digital painting.

Walter the Pig Rabbit - I wanted to paint something a little bit strange, to show my stranger side, this was a lot of fun, I wanted it to be fun, with serious undertones, I am still developing him further right now, working on a full body drawing of him and trying to capture his personality, which I am not sure of at the moment, but I think of him as a bit of a sad lonely character who, maybe a bit sad, or uptight, or just plain lazy. who knows?
Digital Painting.

Shadows In the Sky Part 2 

Shadows In the Sky Part 1 - created in Dec 2010, this was difficult to get rite, as I wanted it to be subtle, but still have an impact, a scenic painting for my flying town concept,  my personal favorite.  Digital Painting.

 Flying town concept, I like the look of the buildings when I got a chance to go to the Himalayas last summer, for a very short period of time, like 2 days, which was cruel in ways, because once your there, you don't want to leave, the place is mesmerizing, wouldn't mind living there one day in small house.  So yeah back to the concept, I liked the buildings there because they all looked like they were stacked on top of one another, so I wanted to do something like that, flying in the air, compact buildings floating.

Developing concept called Sumo Transport Service (STS), still trying to work on an environment for them, I suppose they don't need to be the main attraction, it would be nice to see them somewhere in the background of a busy multi cultural environment, I'm working on it at the moment, with trouble, but I have been making progress.