Thursday, 7 April 2011

 Nobody But Me- digital painting, not much to say about it, just something I imagined.
These are the sort of final designs for my concept "The Hag" based off the painting below, there is more to come of this idea, but the idea is that she kidnaps small children or even adults, and takes them away to her home,  I am working on house designs at the moment, I have one idea that I like, out of like 20 - 30 small doodles that I brainstormed the other day.  Will post it soon enough.

Take You Away - I had a nightmare of this oldman, grinning and twiddling his fingers like I was a child, I couldn't move either, until he got very very close, showing his green rotten teeth.  I guess I was at a crossroads here with this painting, man or woman? sorted of ended up looking like both, which adds to creepy look, a transsexual hag? I went with the a woman in my final designs, because I was worried about being controversial. Digital Painting

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