Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Finished that Norman Rockwell page off, will start a new one soon, maybe tomorrow.  I went to my first life drawing class in 2-3 years, I've learnt different methods since then, more knowledge, but it was all jumbled up in my mind and lost my composer, you know when your a bit nervous and shaky, it takes a while to relax down and get some clarity, unfortunately I didn't really get that until the end of the class, that's when I wanted to keep going, but next week it is, I can't wait.  I should say, drawing the model from life, breathing life was part of it, it was a bit overwhelming at first, I didn't know where to begin, it wasn't until the end that I realised I should have paid more attention to the mapping, it can bring so much clarity and solve a lot of problems, but I didn't realise this until the last pose with 8 minutes to go (where I had first skipped the mapping and tried to go straight into rendering- I then rubbed it out and thought I should map out), but like I said I can't wait for next weeks class, go in with more clarity and solidarity in procedure.  The poses were from 5 minutes to 1 minute to no time, where the model moved when he wanted, and also another exercise where he walked around the class, trying to capture what you can, relying on memory.  That then ended with a I think 15 minute pose.  As I have sort of had an awakening experience, I will practise drawing the figure from photo's daily, really making sure I work efficiently but take care in the mapping stage, set it up like a life drawing class. 

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