Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A warm up sheet, and a painting I'm working on, reproducing one of my digital paintings in oil, trying to add something extra to it as well.  I actually attempted this painting on the 30x20 canvas board, painting to the edge, but the dimensions didn't really work, so I thought to try it smaller, on a sheet of canvas instead (18x14 canvas pad), that I bought with the boards, leaving a border for the dimensions I want.  I've realised I do prefer working on a unstretched canvas, it's just feels freer, when I look at a canvas board I think.. well I don't want to ruin this.  Mitchell Albala explains the advantages of unstretched canvas in his blog post, when asked about framing, which really sold me, because I wasn't really sure about that aspect.

It's beginning to take shape, though I have an issue, it does lose clarity in certain areas, when I turn the painting upside down, maybe that will solve itself when I start working into it more, but it's something I need to be diligent about.  I'm going to look into buying canvas rolls, for future so I can work larger, though right now I think it's good to just work at a reasonable or smaller size, and just focus on being efficient at getting my ideas down, otherwise it's just spending time trying to cover the surface.

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