Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bought an Asaro head, it comes with a booklet, which has very useful information, and I bought a Bella Donna catalogue with it, a series of paintings by John Asaro on the female form, fantastic work.

This study was tough, I found it tougher than my skull studies, as the planes are much more pronounced, there's no getting away with anything, as each plane shows a different value, the drawing can become difficult to control, you adjust the value of one plane, then you may have to adjust another then another and so on, really testing, to the point where I had to just stop.  Though at the same time, I went about it to just blur my eyes and just think of it as an overall form, as I would usually with other studies, which helped, but at the same time I am working those planes.    The next studies I may keep the lines looser, and see how that goes.  I think the neck might be a bit long as well, so I will have to keep that in mind for the next study, and I may try softening the forms as explained in the booklet, which just looks really cool, but could be difficult to know what to and how to soften certain areas.

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